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Honoring the people, the purpose, and  legacy of the American Military

Mission statement: The center is dedicated to helping current and future generations of Americans embrace and understand the unique nature of the American Military. The museum focuses on individual service and sacrifice that continues to secure and preserve our freedoms.

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The DVK Foundation celebrates America’s Heritage by providing the public with an entertaining, educational experience focused on the preservation, exhibition and interpretation of historical treasures.


Testimonials From Tripadvisor

My husband and I saw signs about this museum as we were traveling down the interstate and decided to stop. We were really glad we did. It has wonderful displays of war equipment and information beginning with the Civil War and going up through WWII. We especially liked the seeing the life-like forms of military leaders and the equipment used in battle. The display was truly amazing and informative. But that’s not all… They have another side of the building that has a huge display of different modes of transportation from horse drawn carriages to beautiful cars of all kinds, including ones used in movies like Batman. Talk about worth the stop!! This is a great museum for all ages! by Judy S from Indiana

Very large building. Spent more than 3hrs looking around. This is another place not to be missed. All types of US & German vehicles and armaments. Look for discounts at all museums in this great area. It was a really great idea stopping off here before my makeup conference! Thanks everyone! Vicki Rauscher from One Pampered Life, California.

Wall of Heroes - Built With Help From Guys At Show Home StyleDid you know..?

During World War II, the US Mint stopped using copper in their 1943 Lincoln Pennies.

Instead they used steel with a thin layer of zinc. These coins were called Wartime Cents or Steel War Pennies.

Due to their rarity, they have become very valuable collector’s items. An even more valuable coin is the 1943 copper penny.

Another interesting fact about coin minting during the war years is that the 1945 Lincoln Wheat Penny was produced using copper from left over spent munitions cases.

It was the only year that the US one cent coin was made using 95% copper & 5% zinc. No tin was used for 1945 cents probably because of a shortage during the war.